beeswax food wraps

beeswax food wraps

Handmade in the British countryside featuring prints under licence from Emma Bridgewater, the collection includes their iconic Toast & Marmalade prints.


Available in four sizes

  • Two Combo Pack - £12.99
    • 1x small wrap 20x20cm
    • 1x medium wrap 30x30cm
  • Three Combo Pack - £20.99
    • 1x small wrap 20x20cm
    • 1x medium wrap 30x30cm
    • 1x large wrap 40x40cm
  • Five Combo Pack - £30.99
    • 2x small wraps 20x20cm
    • 2x medium wraps 30x30cm
    • 1x large wrap 40x40cm
  • Extra Large Wrap (great for keeping bread fresh) - £16.99
    • 1x extra large wrap 50x50cm


Wax Refresher Block

  • Our refresher block will let your well used Beeswax Wraps have a second lease of life.
  • Whether you have had them for a year and they need reviving or you have washed your new wraps in hot water by accident and the wax has started to come off, this refresher block will make them good as new again.
  • Wax blocks weigh approximately 24g and fit within a box that is 5cm x 5cm x 2cm
  • They are small but mighty and will go a long way to keeping your wraps alive! And add another 6 months to a year to your wraps.
  • One block of our secret wax blend you will be able to revive approximately;
    • 2 x Bread Wraps
    • or 3 x Large Wraps
    • or 4 x Medium Wraps
    • or 5 x Small Wraps
    PriceFrom £9.99