amber glass pump bottles

amber glass pump bottles

Reusable amber glass dispenser bottles with splash proof embossed labels. 


Buy with our plastic-free hand wash refills or simply to decanter and refill your own products for a cleaner & minimalistic look in your home without the clutter of bottles. Whether it's round your sink or along the edge of your bath & shower, these add a touch of class and sophistication compared to plastic bottles.


These reusable product bottles are ideal for those who buy their products in bulk, create DIY zero waste haircare products or just looking for a nice way to display their products in a bathroom or kitchen. 


The lids easily screw off making it easy to refill with your favourite products.



  • 500ml
    • Perfect size to refill shampoo, conditioner or hand wash from our milly & sissy range or from your local refill shop.
  • 300ml
    • ​​​​​​​Perfect size for hand wash, or to decanter your usual shampoo & conditioner bottles.
  • Travel set (3x 100ml)
    • Take them around the world. This miniature travel set of amber glass soap dispensers contains three reusable 100ml bottles with lockable pumps for holidays and weekend breaks.  
    • Great size for a weekend-week supply of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair product or sun cream. 
    • Saves buying mini products everytime you go away, simply just refill these minis from your larger bottles.  Saves you money as well as reducing waste!
    PriceFrom £9.99