Find out about our coconut bowls!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Where are they sourced from?

Our natural coconut bowls are sourced from the Bến Tre province in Southern Vietnam. This tropical region rests on the Mekong Delta and is famed for its high quality coconut plantations. There’s a very good reason why Bến Tre has become affectionately known as the Capital of Coconuts!

What makes coconut shells an ethical & sustainable material?

The organic coconuts are harvested to create household products such as cooking oils, creams and milks. Usually, once the white flesh has been scooped out of the shells, they would be burned along with the trees and the husks.

Are they safe to eat from?

As a natural product, each eco friendly coconut bowl cultivates its own shape and colour which makes our sustainable bowls one of a kind, in every way. Our reusable coconut bowls and spoons are free from BPA and harmful pesticides, making them perfectly safe to eat your favourite smoothie bowl from!

Our zero-waste approach has countless benefits for both the environment we cherish and the communities that we care about.

How are the bowls made from coconut shells?

We take only what would otherwise go to waste and be burned; it’s recycling in its purest form. Local craftsmen and women who we partner with will cut the shells into the desired shape for a bowl. They’ll sand them down and brush them with organic coconut oil to produce a beautiful, fully sustainable coconut bowl. Once complete, it’s then over to the craftsman’s workshop to etch the unique patterns into the shells. We never work with harmful machinery; the entire process is handmade by nature and by the skilful artisans of the Vietnamese community of whom we work alongside.

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